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Our latest pictures


Beach week!

The beach week finally arrived, and we spent it in a new house (to us). The new location provided an easier walk to the beach and came with the added perks of an elevator, a nice gas stove, and was generally a better kept house. Our week had brilliant weather, and proved relaxing, fun, but too short.


Maisey's 15th!

On a somewhat, too busy of a day, Maisey turned 15! She had class in the beginning of the day, then a mandatory hour and a half evening drivers education class that parents were also required to attend, so not much time for having fun. We managed to enjoy her favorite dinner and sing to her.


4th Celebration!

Celebrating the 4th of July on Cassia, the only way we know how, with good friends and fire.


Visiting Nana & Papa, and Cedar Point

We had a speed run to Sandusky Ohio, to visit Jill and Mark, and get reaquainted with Cedar Point, after a few years off because of the pandemic.


SomeBundy visited DC

Fletcher and Heather visited us from Vermont, and we celebrated Fletcher's birthday.


Herndon Festival

Herndon Festival, or at least the carnival is back!


Marcey's party

it was a little delayed, but we snuck in Marcey's Top Golf birthday party in the same month as her birthday, but only barely.


A big week

A lot happened this weekend. Marcey turned 11! Jeff, Brock, and Jill visited as Jenny finished her final treatment. I coached Maisey's field hockey tournament team, and it was all good, until the prius broke down on the beltway when Jeff and Brock were coming back from Baltimore. -but lets focus on the good ;)


We visited Annie in Richmond

During our spring break, we took some days and went down to Richmond to visit Annie, and tour Richmond.

April 2022

Jeff's new work building

A couple folks from work met at our new building today to get an orientation tour, and have lunch. Nice change of pace to get out and see people. The office was beautiful.

Jan 2022

New York City!

The Carr's and Blythe's went to New York City to see Hamilton and Wicked. We were there for 3 nights and packed in a lot of activities. We only ate meals on the street or via take out/delivery in our hotel room, and spent a lot of time outside, but we had a blast!

Dec 2021

Christmas is here!

Finally time for Christmas and some time off, doing nothing. Nancy, Marshall, and Andy came to lounge around with us, and our 2nd family came over on Christmas day for a special surprise that the kids opened.

Nov 2021

Thanksgiving and Jenny's birthday

For Thanksgiving week, Jill and Mark visited, and the Blythe's joined us for Thankgiving dinner. Jenny's birthday fell on the Saturday after Thanksgiving so Nana and Papa were able to celebrate with us.

Nov 2021

Halloween in Ipswich!

After Micheles wedding, we dropped through Ipswich Massachusets on the way home to spend Halloween with the Bousums. The norEaster had moved through and we had epic weather to play in. Halloween was a blast, and it was great to catch up.

Oct 2021

Lucy got Married!

Michele and Shaun got married in Kittery Main on Oct 30th. All the Carrs went up to partake in the event. It was a beautiful setting. The wedding was fun and memorable. It could not have rained harder during the norEaster that deluged during the wedding reception, but it didn't dampen the spirit. Well, until I got a flat tire, then my spirits were dampened litterally, but until then it was great. Actually the flat ended up being not too big a deal. We just left the stupid thing in a parking lot and went back the next day when it wasn't raining.

Oct 2021

Nanas Birthday

Since Jeff Bundy was in town, Jill and Mark came to visit so we could all get together. Bonus, we got to celebrate Jills birthday too!

Oct 2021

Uncle Jeff Again!?!

We got lucky and despite Uncle Jeff seeing us recently, he was in DC for a work exercise, so we got some more time with him and we took him to Cox Farm!

Oct 2021

Herndon Homecoming

The littles walked in the parade, and Maisey had her first Homecoming dance. Wow, she's grown up.

Oct 2021

Pumpkin Patch

Our traditional trip to Wegmeyer for pumpkins. Also, some costume testing.

Sept 2021

Field Hoceky and FNL!

This is really a menagerie of pictures from our September, but Field hockey and FNL dominate.

Aug 2021

Bundy boys on Cassia!

Uncle Jeff and Brock visit!

Aug 2021

School's back!

First day of in-person school!!!!

Aug 2021

August fun

We had a few nice FNL's and Horseback riding lessons in August, but generally August brings summer and the pool days to a close.

July 2021

Beach Trip!

Our long awaited annual beach trip was not the same without Mommy :(

July 2021

Family Visit, hike, 1st FNL

We had a fairly busy 4th of July, with Jacob and Richa visiting, & hiking with Jo. Some fireworks, and our first FNL since covid.

July 2021

Sunday Adventures

An active sunday opened with kyaking on the potomac with Mary Jo, and then horse back riding with Marcey.

July 2021

Maisey's Birthday

Maisey celebrated her 14th birthday! She had friends over to do some favorite activities, and we had her favorite Thai crispy chicken with basil for dinner.

June 2021

Seven Springs Adventure

We took the opportunity to get out of town for a long weekend. After finding limited availability at crowded beaches, we opted to go west, and have a mountain adventure at Seven Springs ski resort. Really, we just wanted a pool and some fun.

June 2021

Schools out, Farewell to Annie

Pictures from the graduation of the middle schoolers, and our last day with Annie, before she packs up and moves to her new job in Richmond!

May-June 2021

Spring, Cicadas, and Grandparents on Cassia!

Here's a smattering of pictures from our spring around the house.

May 2021

Marcey's Birthday party

Marcey's birthday party, had to wait until memorial day. It was the only time available for the alpacas to visit!

May 2021

Marcey's Birthday Day

Marcey's birthday fell on a wednesday this year. Her chosen party activity was not available until May 31st. In the meantime, here's our weeknight celebration!

Feb 2021

Mary Jo's Quarentine Birthday Driveby

Well Jo finally earned her quarentine birthday shirt, and her quarentine birthday party like everyone else this year. I think she was feeling left out. She had a special surprise at her drive by...

Feb 2021

Mary Jo's birthday

She turned 7! She got cool gifts, and got to smash a big pinata with her buds.

Feb 2021

Valentines day

we had a nice quiet Valentines sunday. We all made each other cards, and exchanged at dinner.

Jan/Feb 2021

Snow & Food

Just a bunch of snow and food pictures, with some examples of Mary Jo's new talent.

Jan 2021

Kick off a new year with a different 4 walls

We checked beach house prices, and noticed how cheap the January price was. We also realized the kids had off MLK day and Inauguration day in the same week. And since we can all work remotely, we thought we'd try working at the beach for a change of scenery. We brought Annie, and all our computers, and all our food and had a really nice sunny week at the Beach, in Corrolla. We lucked out with weather that was just barely warm enough to sit on the beach and enjoy it.

Dec 2020

Our Christmas

Here's our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day....

Dec 2020

Happy Holiday's!

This is just a collection of pictures from December that mostly chronical our getting into the holdiay spirit.

Dec 2020

The 2020 Bundy - Carr BWI Reunion!

Jenny's brother's family moved from Hawaii, to Germany. On their way to Germany they had a layover at BWI overnight. We were fortunate to have nice enough weather forcast that we figured we could visit in the hotel parking lot. Jill drove down from Ohio, and stayed at the same hotel overnight, and we packed our van with chairs and hung out for a few hours in the sun, in the BWI Hilton parking lot. It was really nice to see everyone, even if breifly.

Nov 2020

Thanksgiving and Jenny's Birthday

Here's pictures from our Thanksgiving day and Jenny's birthday, which was was on Black Friday this year.

Nov 2020

Baby Fix and Blythes

Joe Farmer came by with his baby, who we've been dying to meet, and we celebrated Cara's birthday

Nov 2020

Jo likes hiking

Jo and Jeff met Aaron and Eli at the Billy Goat Trail, which is on the Maryland side of the Potomac. It's a really long, very rocky hike. Jo loved it and continues to talk about hiking again. We had an outdoor movie night with the Blythes later same day.

Oct 2020


We ended up with a great night for Halloween! Everyone was safe, with grab-n-go tables at the end of driveways or front walk. Everyone was also more generous than normal years with their candy sizes ;)

Oct 2020

Pumpkin Picking

The pumpkin patches required advanced reservations for a specific half hour time slot this year. You pay for the slot, and they put that money toward your pumpkins. I was worried we'd get stuck in the rain, but we lucked out with the weather.

Sept 2020

1st Day of school!

The first day of school, albeit virtual... typically we would have new outfits, shoes, and backpacks, but this year it was old clothes, barefoot, and we only came outside to take the picture!

Aug 2020

Girls visit PA

With only a couple weeks before school starts, the girls went to PA with Marshall and Nancy to hang out and get some Uncle Andy time. They had a ton of fun, and also got in a visit to see Lucy on the farm.

July 2020

Beach Week

Our quietest beach week ever. Jo grew leaps and bounds in swimming ability, and it didn't rain the whole week!

July 2020

Maisey's 13th Birthday

A big fun weekend outside for the 4th of July, followed by Maisey's 13th birthday which was mostly an outdoor celebration and drive by.

May 2020

Marcey's 9th Birthday

Marcey had another awsome cinco-de-mayo birthday. The weather cooperated and Marcey's class-mates, friends, and even her teacher surprised her with an hour of drive-by visits. This was the first year of marcey's life that we didn't go to Anita's. We tried to do curbside, but I couldn't get through on the phone lines. We made a huge tray of really good nacho's, so it was all good. Between all the friends who dropped by, the pinata, the cake and all the fun and gifts, she had a great birthday!

April 2020

Teachers came to Cassia!

Mrs Devine, Mrs Geyer, and Mrs Clayborne visited us today! (Mary Jo's teachers). They stopped by to leave chalk messages in the driveway. So nice to see them.

April 2020

Easter Sunday

Here's some pictures from our Easter Morning

Feb 2020

Mary Jo's 6th birthday

Mary Jo turned 6, and had a fantastic birthday with grandparents and friends and some cool gifts.

Jan 2020

Herndon Father Daughter Dance

This years Herndon Father Daughter dance was the last year that all 3 girls would be able to attend together. It was a little sad to think about that, but we had a great time together.

Dec 2019

Hawaii for Christmas!

We went to Hawaii for Christmas! We visited Uncle Jeff, Aunt Krissy and the boys on O‘ahu, at their home on Joint Base Pearl Harbor - Hickam.

Dec 2019

Hawaii part 2

Part 2 of our Hawaian Christmas. In this set we visit Bellows Beach, Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse, and Ford Island.

Dec 2019

Hawaii part 3

Part 3 contains pictures from Christmas Day, snorkeling at sharks cove, turtle beach, North Shore and Matsumoto's Shave ice, Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona, Our Luau at Paradise Cove, and a submarine ride at 100ft deep.

Dec 2019

Hawaii part 4

In part 4, Jeff surf's at Waikiki Beach, we Paddleboard at Hickam beach, we have a family photo shoot at Bellows beach with all 10 of us, we celebrate Ethans 15th birthday and ring in the new year in Hawaii!

Dec 2019

Hawaii part 5 - VIDEOS!

Here's a youtube playlist of some video memories from our trip... I recommend playing all and full screening.

November 2019

Thanksgiving dinner with Brock and the Blythe's.

November 2019

We had some fun raking leaves...

Oct 2019

School pictures came out! Also, I had a bunch of unrelated things from sept & beginning of oct

Oct 2019

Marshall and Nancy visited for the weekend and took in a Field hockey game, and attended the memorial service with us at fairfax hospital

Oct 2019

Our MIS organization helped sponsor the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) Remembrance walk. We walked as a family, to remember Ross.

Sept 2019

Daddy's Birthday Night

Aug 26th 2019

First day of school

July 26th 2019

Beach Week 2019!

July 6th 2019

Marshall and Nancy visited for Maisey's actual brithday, and we took a quick family photo before going out to dinner. This was the money shot, with everyone looking, everyone smiling, nobody crying! Woo Hoo!

June 30th 2019

Maisey chose to have a sleepover with 3 friends at the cabin in Lovettsville to celebrate her 12th birthday. We visited harpers ferry, and had some of the parents over for dinner.

June 23rd 2019

Here's our trip to Ohio. We visited Put-In-Bay and Cedar Point. JoJo met Snoopy! Marcey rode Gatekeeper which went upside down 6 times!

June 13th 2019

Masiey's 6th grade promotion ceremony

June 7th 2019

Pictures from the last day, of the final year the girls would all be in the same school together.... A sad day for us all. Some pictures I forgot to post from our visit to see Granmda, Grandpa, and Uncle Andy.

June 1st 2019

Maisey had her final 6th grade chorus concert, and we had a great day at the Herndon Festival Carnival!

May 19th 2019

Maisey and Daddy hiked the AT, Raven Rocks hike, on sunday. Great hike. Brutal, but good. There's also some mothers day pictures, and a few from Marcey's birthday.

May 5th 2019

Marcey turned 8 on this Cinco-de-Mayo! Grandparents were in town for a fun weekend that including opening night of FNL, and a Amphora bakery party for the birthday girl.

Apr 28th 2019

Mary Jo learned how to ride a 2-wheeler!

Apr 20th 2019

We spent a few days at Janes cabin in Lovettsville. We had great weather and were able to catch up with some good friends. Kathy was able to stay a night with us, and she even watched the girls so Jenny and I could escape a couple times. The girls got to experience the country and nature, and catch tadpoles in the pond. We stopped by our old house and met the current owner who was nice enough to give us a tour of the house and a walk around the property. The peepers were peeping and it was really nice to be away from it all.

Apr 18th 2019

Visited Harpers Ferry with the Blythes. We had a beautiful day for it, and had a great time.

Feb 18th 2019

Jo turned 5 today, and had a fun party with her buddy Hartley, and now she can chew gum!

Feb 2nd 2019

Another year of Herndon Father Daughter dance

Dec 11th 2018

Decorated the Christmas Tree

Dec 1st 2018

Daddy-Daughters trip to see M, N and Uncle Andy

Nov 22nd 2018

Jill visited for Thanksgiving, with good 'ol Duffy, which the girls loved.

Nov 11th 2018

Christina Derleth visited us for a night....

Oct 31st 2018

Halloween night we had an absolutely beautiful night for a walk around the neighborhood.

Oct 28th 2018

Our last minute visit to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins and take a few pictures

Oct 20th 2018

Early fall pictures around the house and at field hockey

Sept 1st 2018

Heather and Fletchers Wedding at Jay Peak, Vermont. Maisey, Marcey, and Mary Jo were flower girls.

Aug 31st 2018

We traveled by luxury mini van up to Jay Peak for Fletchers wedding. We had a bunch of fun exploring the mountain and hanging out with family. We made some new friends and hopefully spurred some interest in returning to the mountain when there's snow ;)

Aug 28th 2018

First day of school. This is the last year that all 3 girls will be in the same school together :(

Aug 3rd 2018

Our 2018 Beach week was alot of fun. We had another great year of food, friends, sun and swimming!

Jul 11th 2018

Marcey won 4 tickets through girlscouts to go see the Taylor Swift stadium tour at FexEx field. The seats were awesome, and we had a great night. This was Maisey and Marcey's first Concert, and it was a big one.

Jul 2018

Michigan trip, Part 1
Jenny was stuck working, but the kids and I went up to spend a week at great Grandmas house, on the lake with Marshall, Nancy and Andy.

Jul 2018

Michigan trip, Part 2 Blue Angels were in town, and we had some awesome weather.

Jun 2018

Heather and Sarah Pharr graduated high school! here's some pictures from their grad party

Jun 2018

last day of pre school

Jun 2018

Herndon festival was partially washed out, but we got 2 days of rides in while it was nice. Also, Biff got Glasses ;)

May 2018

Memorial weekend we visited Lawsons, in PA

May 2018

Had a beautiful day for Water day this year, which continued as a great night for FNL with friends

May 2018

School Pictures! -and a bunch of other good pictures spanning march/April/May

May 2018

Cliffords Birthday party

May 2018

Marcey turned 7!

April 2018

Marcey had a class trip to Mt. Vernon and I chaperoned.

March 2018

Lawsons visited

Feb 2018

Mary Jo's 4th Birthday

Feb 2018

Herndon father daughter dance was a hit again this year.

Jan 2018

Jacob and Richa visited us in Herndon.

Dec 2017

Pictures from Christmas week.

Dec 2017

Pictures from Jenny's birthday dinner, and our first day of snow which coincided with Herndon's Toy Train day, and Nidia's Christmas Party.

Dec 2017

Decorating the Christmas Tree with Uncle Andy

Fall 2017

I'm trying to catch up with posting pictures, so doing a catch up that covers Sept to November. This covers the girls school pictures, and some pictures from our leave cleanup day, which was a lot of fun out front with the camera.

Aug 2017

We had a 2 week family vacation in Europe. We began in Germany, flying into Frankfurt, and traveling via train to Jeff Bundy's home in Spangdahlem Germany.

Aug 2017

Jeff and Krissy accepted responsibility for the girls for a few days, and allowed Jenny and I to escape for a parent-only side trip to Amsterdam. We drove to Luxembourg, and took trains through Belgium (Brussels) to our Destination of Amsterdam, for a couple nights of fun. We ate and drank as much as we could, taking in the sights, doing the Van Gogh Museum and so on. We walked SO MUCH, but enjoyed Amsterdam probably most of all the places we visited. It helps I appreciate bikes.

Aug 2017

After returning from Amsterdam, we had a little more time at Jeff and Krissy's before both our families shoved off for Paris. We had planned to stay in Paris for our second week, renting a house together that would accomodate the 9 of us, and doing all the things you do in Paris.

Aug 2017

We tackled Disneyland Paris, and had a less than stellar experience. The lines were so bad, we couldn't do anything. We were there 4 hours before getting on our first ride. I had heard that August was bad there, but it's beyond bad. I would say it's not usable and you should avoid ever going there. The 2 rides we did go on, were great. Thunder Mountain and Hyperspace Mountain, were both more significant roller coasters than their Florida counterparts (going upside down) Hyperspace Mountain looks like space mountain, and is in total darkness like the Florida version, but it's star wars themed, and the storm troopers speak french. It was awesome, and I'm glad we used our fast pass on that, but sad we didn't have the ability to experience more at that park. There were no characters around the park or anything to keep mobs occupied. We ended up leaving early, to go back to Paris and have a nice relaxing dinner there.

Aug 2017

our last few days we visited countless cafe's and shopped a little. We visited Jim Morrisons grave, which our rental house was very close to, and we did the Louvre, Notre Dame, and saw the Eiffel Tower at night. I have to say, I don't miss trains now that I'm home. Having your life revolve around trains and hustle of getting kids on and off them (with a stroller) is a little more hectic than vacation should be.

July 22th 2017

Beach week 2017! Weather could have been sunnier, as the first half of the week included a lot of clouds and rain, but we made the most of it and had another year of awesome meals and fun times around the beach and pool.

July 6th 2017

Maisey's 10th Birthday! Manicure party at the nail salon.

July 3rd 2017

Uncle Bob and family came to spend the 4th of july weekend, (and his birthday) with us. We had a bunch of fun in the sun. We saw an Orioles game at Camden Yards, and the Girls were on TV! We only found out, because the lady sitting behind us, told us she saw it on the TV when she was getting stadium food. We went out to dinner at a crab shack, and they were replaying the Game we had just driven from so we got to watch the girls on TV. I took a video at the restaurant, of the TV ;)

The next day, we went to DC and walked the mall monuments, then tackled the Spy Museum. The girls were fairly good, considering it was 2 days of extreme outdoor heat, but I think they'll remember it fondly, as will I. I just wish they lived closer, so we could play euchre more often.

June 25th 2017

Jenny, Maisey & Marcey went to see the Sound of Music on a sunday night at the Kennedy Center, with some other mothers and their kids she know's through work. This was their first theater experience, so they got all dressed up, so I took pictures. Daddy and Jo had a father-daughter night together.

June 23th 2017

Last Day of School! Now we have a rising 5th grader, rising 1st Grader, and rising Pre-Schooler.

June 10th 2017

Aunt Ann passed away way too early. Marshall, Nancy, Andy and I traveled to Seattle for her service. It was great to meet a bunch of family that I had not met before, and to catch up with those I had.

June 3rd 2017

Herndon Festival!

May 29th 2017

We visited the Lawson's new house over Memorial Weekend, and had a really fun time strawberry picking and cookin out on a nice holiday weekend.

May 5th 2017

Marcey turned 6!

Apr 2017

Here's some of the fun we had in April, like Bowling & Biff's birthday. Also, Marcey learned to ride a 2 wheeler in a matter of minutes.

Mar 26th 2017

Brock had a trip to DC for a week, so we got to meet up with his group along the way (Air and space museum).

Feb 18th 2017

Here's pictures from Mary Jo's 3rd Birthday! Jill, Marshall, Nancy, and Andy visited and we had a small Frozen-themed party to celebrate Jo's big day.

Feb 4th 2017

The Herndon Father Daughter Dance!

Jan 18th 2017

Day 6: Universal Studios

Jan 18th 2017

Day 5: Hollywood Studios

Jan 18th 2017

Day 4: Magic Kingdom & a Suprise fireworks cruise

Jan 17th 2017

Day 3: Animal Kingdom

Jan 16th 2017

Day 2: Epcot

Jan 15th 2017

Day 1: Magic Kingdom

Jan 14th 2017

For Marshall and Nancy's 50th Anniversary THEY took us to Disney for a week. They drove down to our house, and we all boarded the same flight to Orlando. Our picture adventure starts at the airport curb, where we were dropped off by our super-awesome neighbors, who drove us in 2 vehicles in order to get us all there without paying for transportation....