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March 2018 Lawsons visited
Feb 2018 Mary Jo's 4th Birthday
Feb 2018 Herndon father daughter dance was a hit again this year.
Jan 2018 Jacob and Richa visited us in Herndon.
Dec 2017 Pictures from Christmas week.
Dec 2017 Pictures from Jenny's birthday dinner, and our first day of snow which coincided with Herndon's Toy Train day, and Nidia's Christmas Party.
Dec 2017 Decorating the Christmas Tree with Uncle Andy
Fall 2017 I'm trying to catch up with posting pictures, so doing a catch up that covers Sept to November. This covers the girls school pictures, and some pictures from our leave cleanup day, which was a lot of fun out front with the camera.
Aug 2017 We had a 2 week family vacation in Europe. We began in Germany, flying into Frankfurt, and traveling via train to Jeff Bundy's home in Spangdahlem Germany.
Aug 2017 Jeff and Krissy accepted responsibility for the girls for a few days, and allowed Jenny and I to escape for a parent-only side trip to Amsterdam. We drove to Luxembourg, and took trains through Belgium (Brussels) to our Destination of Amsterdam, for a couple nights of fun. We ate and drank as much as we could, taking in the sights, doing the Van Gogh Museum and so on. We walked SO MUCH, but enjoyed Amsterdam probably most of all the places we visited. It helps I appreciate bikes.
Aug 2017 After returning from Amsterdam, we had a little more time at Jeff and Krissy's before both our families shoved off for Paris. We had planned to stay in Paris for our second week, renting a house together that would accomodate the 9 of us, and doing all the things you do in Paris.
Aug 2017 We tackled Disneyland Paris, and had a less than stellar experience. The lines were so bad, we couldn't do anything. We were there 4 hours before getting on our first ride. I had heard that August was bad there, but it's beyond bad. I would say it's not usable and you should avoid ever going there. The 2 rides we did go on, were great. Thunder Mountain and Hyperspace Mountain, were both more significant roller coasters than their Florida counterparts (going upside down) Hyperspace Mountain looks like space mountain, and is in total darkness like the Florida version, but it's star wars themed, and the storm troopers speak french. It was awesome, and I'm glad we used our fast pass on that, but sad we didn't have the ability to experience more at that park. There were no characters around the park or anything to keep mobs occupied. We ended up leaving early, to go back to Paris and have a nice relaxing dinner there.
Aug 2017 our last few days we visited countless cafe's and shopped a little. We visited Jim Morrisons grave, which our rental house was very close to, and we did the Louvre, Notre Dame, and saw the Eiffel Tower at night. I have to say, I don't miss trains now that I'm home. Having your life revolve around trains and hustle of getting kids on and off them (with a stroller) is a little more hectic than vacation should be.
July 22th 2017 Beach week 2017! Weather could have been sunnier, as the first half of the week included a lot of clouds and rain, but we made the most of it and had another year of awesome meals and fun times around the beach and pool.
July 6th 2017 Maisey's 10th Birthday! Manicure party at the nail salon.
July 3rd 2017 Uncle Bob and family came to spend the 4th of july weekend, (and his birthday) with us. We had a bunch of fun in the sun. We saw an Orioles game at Camden Yards, and the Girls were on TV! We only found out, because the lady sitting behind us, told us she saw it on the TV when she was getting stadium food. We went out to dinner at a crab shack, and they were replaying the Game we had just driven from so we got to watch the girls on TV. I took a video at the restaurant, of the TV ;)

The next day, we went to DC and walked the mall monuments, then tackled the Spy Museum. The girls were fairly good, considering it was 2 days of extreme outdoor heat, but I think they'll remember it fondly, as will I. I just wish they lived closer, so we could play euchre more often.

June 25th 2017 Jenny, Maisey & Marcey went to see the Sound of Music on a sunday night at the Kennedy Center, with some other mothers and their kids she know's through work. This was their first theater experience, so they got all dressed up, so I took pictures. Daddy and Jo had a father-daughter night together.
June 23th 2017 Last Day of School! Now we have a rising 5th grader, rising 1st Grader, and rising Pre-Schooler.
June 10th 2017 Aunt Ann passed away way too early. Marshall, Nancy, Andy and I traveled to Seattle for her service. It was great to meet a bunch of family that I had not met before, and to catch up with those I had.
June 3rd 2017 Herndon Festival!
May 29th 2017 We visited the Lawson's new house over Memorial Weekend, and had a really fun time strawberry picking and cookin out on a nice holiday weekend.
May 5th 2017 Marcey turned 6!
Apr 2017 Here's some of the fun we had in April, like Bowling & Biff's birthday. Also, Marcey learned to ride a 2 wheeler in a matter of minutes.
Mar 26th 2017 Brock had a trip to DC for a week, so we got to meet up with his group along the way (Air and space museum).
Feb 18th 2017 Here's pictures from Mary Jo's 3rd Birthday! Jill, Marshall, Nancy, and Andy visited and we had a small Frozen-themed party to celebrate Jo's big day.
Feb 4th 2017 The Herndon Father Daughter Dance!
Jan 18th 2017 Day 6: Universal Studios
Jan 18th 2017 Day 5: Hollywood Studios
Jan 18th 2017 Day 4: Magic Kingdom & a Suprise fireworks cruise
Jan 17th 2017 Day 3: Animal Kingdom
Jan 16th 2017 Day 2: Epcot
Jan 15th 2017 Day 1: Magic Kingdom
Jan 14th 2017 For Marshall and Nancy's 50th Anniversary THEY took us to Disney for a week. They drove down to our house, and we all boarded the same flight to Orlando. Our picture adventure starts at the airport curb, where we were dropped off by our super-awesome neighbors, who drove us in 2 vehicles in order to get us all there without paying for transportation....
Dec 25th 2016 Our Christmas with Carrs and Coopers!
Nov 27th 2016 Thankgiving in PA with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Andy!
Nov 7th 2016 Here's the girls school pictures!
Oct 16th 2016 It was shaping up to be a beautiful Sunday, and since you never know if this is the last one of those days before Halloween, we went to Cox farm with the Minson's and also to Wegmeyer farm to pick pumpkins as is our tradition. We were out and about for a full 10 hours, having a nice dinner outside on the way home. Epic day.
Oct 15th 2016 Some pictures from watching Herndon Highschool band and other things
Oct 1st 2016 My Grandma, Charlotte Carr, passed away earlier this year. We had her burial and memorial, back in Traverse City over the weekend. It was sad, but a good visit with those who knew her best. Follow the thumbnail at left to see pictures from the weekend, but also here's a link to the pictures from her life, that were shown during her memorial service: Photo Album
Sept 12th 2016 Preschool started a week later than the rest of the school, so Jo's first day was on my birthday. There's a few pictures of Marcey's first soccer game, but the rest are JoJo's First day of preschool . There's another classic sequence of Mary Jo, sitting on the bench, looking cute.
Sept 6th 2016 First day of school. Girls wouldn't wear their dresses (where is the eye-rolling emoticon?). Different camera's captured the event, so there's a little overlapping. Girls LOVED school and didn't want to come home, so I guess that's good... Mary Jo experimented with several different smiles. -Pay attention to her variations and vote for your favorite.
Sept 5th 2016 Our Labor Day with Jody, Tricia, Keith, Clara and Etta
Sept 3rd 2016 LobsterFest 2016! Went to PA to visit family and the newly-east-coasters, the Lawsons... We revived an old tradition of lobsters for labor day weekend. Girls had a blast, and we celebrated some birthdays.... Pictures from several sources, out of order, but you get the idea... Can you spot the 2 "clasic" photos in the bunch?
Aug 28th 2016 The final Friday Night Live and our last day at the pool this year :(
Aug 19th 2016 Dance Camp culminates in a show for the parents. Behold...
July 30th 2016 We finally had Maisey's birthday party! She turned 9 while we were out-of-state, earlier in the month. We waited until after vacations to have her party with her school friends. She chose to have an Amphora bakery party, where each child decorates their own cake and cookie. They all had a blast, as you will see...
July 23rd 2016 Beach week 2016. I didn't caption them, but there's a couple pictures in the middle, that snuck in from our first day back after returning from the beach, when I discovered JoJo hanging out in the empty cloths hamper. Otherwise, as the pictures indicate, lots of fun in the sun. Glad to have been at the ocean, during such a hot week.
July 6th 2016 After the wedding, we went to Sandusky to visit with Jenny's Mom and Mark. We enjoyed a Detroit tigers game, in cleveland, with Uncle Bob and Rocky, and we took Maisey to Cedar Point for her 9th Birthday, since we were there on the 6th. Adding some go kart excursions during our stay added up to a very fun filled and tiring visit.
July 3rd 2016 Jacob and Richa's wedding day, the ceremony, and the reception party! Maisey, Marcey, and Mary Jo were flower girls, and Mary Jo actually walked. Super fun weekend in Grand Rapids...
July 2nd 2016 We traveled to Michigan for Jacob and Richa's wedding, but on the way, we had a welcome home/going away party for Jeff Bundy and family. They are living in Germany for 3 years, so we used this brief window to catch up with them at a VFW hall in Linden MI. There's pictures from that gathering, and also from the day of the wedding rehearsal in Grand Rapids.
March 19th 2016 Spring Break trip to Seattle! We all flew out to Seattle to visit Grandma Carr (Great Grandma to the girls), and the Derleth side of the family. We had lots of fun Seeing everyone, eating meals together, and touring around the city. The views were beautiful and Marcey did not want to come home. Here's part 1 (first 3 days) of the pictures....
March 25th 2016 Continuing Part 2 (2nd half of the week) of our trip to Seattle. As you'll see in the pictures, we visited a different playground, park, or childrens attraction each day.
Feb 18th 2016 Our little baby Jo turned into a big 2 year old on the 18th. This was our family week-night celebration, which was a lot of fun.
Feb 6th 2016 Jeff Bundy was in the area so visited with us for a bit. We also had the Herndon Father Daughter dance, which is one of the girls favorite nights of the year. We had a nice dinner out, before Maisey Marcey and I peeled off to go to the dance. They changed things a little this year, and had a photo booth, instead of the normal portrait picture. The girls loved the booth... and they danced and ran around, until they ran out of gas.
Jan 26th 2016 Sledding on a nice warm sunny day.
Jan 24th 2016 Holy crap, we got some snow! 2nd biggest storm in history at Dulles. We planned a snow party and invited the neighborhood, which we also did during the 2010 storm. Everyone had to trek through the blizzard to come. It's all over now and after 2 days of snowblowing, I'm really sore. What that machine can do, with a gallon of gas is awesome!
Dec 28th 2015 Opening gifts with Marshall Nancy and Andy
Dec 25th 2015 Opening gifts Christmas morning
Dec 19th 2015 Decorating our Christmas tree
Dec 17th 2015 Marcey's pre school sing-along
Nov 26th 2015 Thanksgiving with Jill and Mark
Oct 25th 2015 Andy joined us for Halloween. It was nice to have Halloween on a Saturday this year, but even with all the extra time to get ready, it was still a push to be ready on time. Maisey pushed a theme this year, based on her interest in Mythology, and the family dressed as gods/goddesses. Maisey was Athena: goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, mathematics, strength, war strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill (she is said to have lept from Zeus's head), Hence, I was Zeus: god of sky and thunder, Mommy was Hera: god of marriage and married to Zeus, Marcey was Hestia, and Jo was Cupid. Unfortunately we basically only got one picture of all of us :(
Oct 25th 2015 A busy weekend. We celebrated Marshall's birthday, marched in the Herndon homecoming parade, celebrated Aaron's birthday, and attended a Halloween event at Marcey's pre school. super fun, & super busy.
Oct 11th 2015 We picked a nice sunny day to visit Cox Farm. We had lots of fun and satisfied cravings for apple cider doughnuts and kettle corn. Also, I've included a sneak peak at the Goddesses, trying on their Halloween costumes...
Oct 4th 2015 Took some pictures off my phone, and here's some of them from the last month or so.
Sept 8th 2015 Visted Marshall Nancy and Andy for Labor day, and caught up with my old friend Geniffer who happens to live very close to my parents. School started for Maisey, so here's our big 3rd grader on her way to first day of school.
Aug 30th 2015 We sort of camped over the weekend. Sort of, because it was just 3 miles down the road, in the county park. Just Maisey Marcey and I camped 2 nights. We met mommy & Jojo for breakfast on Saturday morning, then Maisey Marcey and I did the water park at the camp ground. We hosted mommy and Jo for dinner at the campsite saturday eve.
Aug 28th 2015 The 2 week dance camp that Marcey and Maisey were in, culminated in the performance on friday. This is the one year (because of the class age range) that both girls will be in the same dance camp... I also have a picture of the cake we had later that night, at Friday Night Live, made by our neighbor Katie...
Aug 15th 2015 Our 2nd trip to the outer banks. This trip is with Jenny's family, to Corolla... We had a really nice week.
Aug 5th 2015 New mini van, Chris Lawson and Collins visit the east coast, the pool and some baby scooting around Herndon.
July 25th 2015 Our 2015 trip to the outer banks. I had a bunch of picture sources to pull together to post from. This includes some from andy and maisey too...
June 28th 2015 Chicago Trip - Day 4: Maggie Daley & Millenium Parks
June 27th 2015 Comming Soon! Chicago Trip - Day 3: Navy Pier
June 26th 2015 Chicago Trip - Day 2: Shedd Aquarium
June 25th 2015 Chicago Trip - Day 1: Cubs vs Dodgers @ Wrigley
June 19th 2015 Our nieghbor Grahm just graduated from Herndon H.S. and his graduation party was at lake fairfax. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the Graduate :(
June 16th 2015 Maisey had an end of year Brownies party and Uncle Andy visited last weekend. Andy, Marcey and I went to Great Falls Park and hiked around. It was really fun, and Marcey was a total trooper, despite it being crazy-hot and tiring.
June 3rd 2015 A bunch of firsts in this series... Marcey first pair of flip flops, Maisey first visit to Natural History Museum, JoJo first time playin the water fountain at Sweetwater, JoJo first Wagon ride, JoJo first time swinging and also the first time all 3 girls were swinging together side by side... Also a bunch of cute pictures that I couldn't resist posting.
May 30th 2015 The long awaited Herndon Festival is here!
May 17th 2015 Got some fun pictures of Mary Jo and Eli in the wagon...
May 8th 2015 Marcey wanted to have her birthday party at Friday Night Live. We had a glorious night, and a funfilled evening with friends and family attending.
May 5th 2015 Cinco de Mayo is here, which means we have a big 4 year old girl! Marcey turned 4 today, and I think she had a nice day. Celebrated at PreSchool, celebrated at day care, celebrated out for dinner.
May 1st 2015 Maisey got her ears pierced! Also, we attended the first Friday Night Live of 2015, which always marks the beginning of summer. Mary Jo started walking over the weekend. Overall, very exciting.
April 28th 2015 Marcey's pre school field trip, and some kleenex pictures from our house.
April 27th 2015 We traveled to Ohio to be amongst family, while we watched Michigan state lose their final four game. Also, it was Easter weekend, so the easter bunny found the kids in Ohio too.
Feb 26th 2015 Just getting around to posting Mary Jo's official 1 year photo pictures. She did not enjoy herself during the photo shoot, but the photographer managed to salvage something from the session. There is one picture left in the lineup, that indicates a little better how it went ;)
Feb 28th 2015 We had Mary Jo's 1st birthday party. Kept it small and had a nice afternoon.
Feb 22nd 2015 It was bitterly cold last week, and we had a big snowstorm Saturday. But it got warm, and finished. It's 46 degrees on Sunday, and delightfully sunny. Everyone had fun outside. Shoveling was hard, and I realized it was going to wipe me out. I had the foresight to bury a sierra nevada in the snow bank, at the end of the driveway. When I finished I plopped myself in a chair and enjoyed the most perfect beer, in the bright, snow enhanced sunlight, with my feet propped on the snowbank. The perfect reward for the pain I'm going to feel tomorrow from so much shovelling.
Feb 18th 2015 Mary Jo Turns ONE! Can't beleive we have a big one year old. We had a little, family celebration tonight, but her party is yet to come...
Feb 7th 2015 Pictures from the weekend of the Father Daughter Dance
Jan 25th 2015 Pictures from January...
Dec 31th 2014 We had a fun time at the Pharr's anual New Years Eve party...
Dec 28th 2014 We left Christmas night to do a quick Ohio/Michigan swing. We packed a lot in over the few days we were there...
Dec 25th 2014 Christmas!
Nov 27th 2014 Jenny's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. We traveled to PA for a few days and had a white Thanksgiving.
Nov 9th 2014 Jenny's dad, Garry, lost his battle with cancer in November. We miss him very much. He desired a party, rather than a funeral, so we gathered in that spirit.
Oct 31st, 2014 We celebrated Dawali at work, with lots of dancing and music. Halloween was hectic and we barely had time to take pictures of the girls on Halloween night. There was a parade at school earlier in the day, but those pictures are on Jenny's phone, so I will have to work on getting those posted.
Oct 24th, 2014 The girls got their class pictures back last week and we went to see the "Frozen on Ice" show.
Oct 18th, 2014 Our trip to the pumpkin patch, and some dress rehearsal for the upcoming "Frozen on Ice" show.
Oct 11th, 2014 Homecoming parade, and hangin with Biff
Oct 8th, 2014 Waterford Fair, and Marcey get a Transportation waiver to ride the bus to school with her big sister!
Sept 30th, 2014 A whole bunch of different pictures from August and September. Mary's is 6 months, Girls start school, cox farms, daddy's birthday and more.
Aug 20th, 2014 Marcey's Dance camp culminated in a Recital.... Maisey was so proud of Marcey, she bought her presents with her own money.
Aug 8th, 2014 Our last time visiting Grandma and Grandpa Carrs house, before it was sold. Very sad to say goodbye to the place we've spent summer and Christmas vacations over the past 40 years :( We enjoyed our last time, as much as we could, and packed in a lot of fun things. Some boating, some camping, some smores....
Over the years, we've had all 3 girls in the sink, at around 6 months of age:
July 20th, 2014 Maisey's Birthday Party with Captain Silly Bones, and our BEACH WEEK!
July 6th, 2014 The Cookes visited, and Maisey turned 7!
June 2nd, 2014 Ethan, Brock and Nana visited and we had a picture session at the mall.
May 8th, 2014 Went to the outer banks for Christy and Marty's wedding. Maisey and Marcey were flower girls, and the weather was perfect sunny beach weather.
May 5th, 2014 Marcey's birthday! A big, 3 year old girl!
April 23rd, 2014 Aunt Jane passed away, and we traveled to Michigan to say goodbye and be with Grandma... Michigan still had piles of snow, which was strange, as virginia had seen 90 degrees already.
Mar 25th, 2014 Went to Williamsburg with the Lawsons. We had horrible weather, but made the most of it. It was great to spend time with them.
Feb 18th, 2014 We made it! Another baby girl Carr arrived on February 18th. Mary Jo Carr, born at 10:04am, 7lbs 3oz, 20 1/2". Everyone is doing well, and enjoying this time with a newborn baby.
Feb 2nd, 2014 Busy Saturday... In the morning the girls attended a big sibling class at the hospital, to learn how to take care of their baby sister. Later that evening was the Herndon Father Daughter Dance. This was Marcey's first...
Jan 18th, 2014 3 day weekend, MLK day, I had the opportunity to visit Travis Pastranas and ride his skatepark. We had a beautiful warm, sunny day, and the place was one of the most fun places I've ridden. Hope to ride there again... Never thought I'd get a run on a Red Bull Mega ramp.
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