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Dec 25th, 2010 Christmas in Michigan!
Nov 25th, 2010 Some pre-Christmas pictures in December...
Nov 25th, 2010 Thanksgiving in PA, with friends and family
Nov 19th, 2010 1) Uncle Jeff (Bundy) visited one night for dinner
2) We visited Maisey's classroom for Thanksgiving lunch
3) Maisey gets a haircut and applies her own lip gloss
Oct 31st, 2010 Maisey was a Kangaroo for Halloween... We had a great night, and Maisey trick-or-treated with all the big girls on our street.
Oct 25th, 2010 Maisey's first school picture... also some mommy/daddy dress up pictures.
Oct 17th, 2010 Jody had dinner with us, then Andy Visited, and the following weekend, we picked pumpkins at the patch on a spectacular fall day.
Oct 3rd, 2010 Marshall and Nancy visited, and we had Tuttles over for Brunch.
Sept 20th, 2010 Maisey started preschool at Dranesville Elementary. She's so excited to be a big girl, going to school with her lunch box. The following weekend, the Herndon skate park had it's grand opening.
Sept 12th, 2010 I turned another year older the same weekend that Garry and Peggy visited us, so we were able to celebrate together... Additionally, we attended the first weekend of the Cox farm festival, which was a lot of fun...
Sept 4th, 2010 We had a busy weekend attending the last of the Friday night concerts with Bill & Debbie and Shelly. We also attended Elise's Birthday party, and took a trip out to Lovettsville to have dinner with our Jane and our other good friends...
Aug 29th, 2010 We picked a nice hot day to do the Reston Zoo... Yuko and Eimi met us there, and the girls had a total blast together, feeding the animals and walking around together.
Aug 27th, 2010 Doesn't seem like summer is over, but we attended the final Friday Night Live of the season. Lots of neighbors and friends were there, and we stayed well after dark. It's going to be a long winter waiting for our summer concerts to begin again next year.
Aug 20th, 2010 Some pictures of a friday night live, and one of Brock and Ethan that was forwarded to us...
Aug 14th, 2010 We had a weekend in Pennsylvania and spent a day with the Bartels at Dutch Wonderalnd. It's a perfect amusement park for 3-5 year olds. There's also a couple pictures from Maisey's shampoo job, at her 2nd haircut.
Aug 6th, 2010 Maisey learned about praying mantis we found in the yard. She was very brave, and let it crawl around on her. She even gave it a kiss on it's head before letting it go. There's also some FNL pictures, and a picture of Maisey enjoying her birthday gift from Papa Bundy.
July 29th, 2010 Carr and Bundy Beach Weeks. Too fast :(
July 10th, 2010 We celebrated Maisey's 3rd birthday with a party on Saturday. She invited a couple of her 2-3 year old girl friends and their parents, and we had a really nice party. We were also lucky to have Jill, Nancy & Marshall in attendance.
July 6th, 2010 Enjoy these pictures of a recent FNL and some pictures from the day of Maisey's 3rd birthday.
July 1st, 2010 some pictures of a cute new dress, and some early morning crazy hair.
June 6th, 2010 This past weekend was the Herndon Festival weekend. We spent some time there this year, and it was the first real carnival that Maisey has done. She went on a lot of rides, and even rode one by herself, like a big girl. We had a lot of fun, and I'm sure we'll be spending more time at the festival in years to come.
May 30th, 2010 We spent Memorial Day weekend in Arkansas, with the Jeff, Krissy, Brock, and Ethan. The boys got along with Maisey and played with her so nicely, it was really fun to watch. We attended Ethans graduation, and we went to Riverfest, which was a really great festival, and spent the rest of our time hanging out together, eating cake and ice cream. :)
May 15th, 2010 Some pictures from Friday Night Live, and some pictures from a dinner out with Tuttles (Eimi)
May 10th, 2010 She's almost 3 yrs old, but today Maisey received her first Hair Cut! -She was a very brave girl, and Miss Anna did a great job.
May 7th, 2010 The first Friday Night Live of the 2010 Season!!! It snuck up on us, and we had no idea it had arrived. I got home from work, and had an email waiting from Jeff Pharr, asking if we were going to FNL tonight? I ran downstairs and told Maisey and Jenny that we had an emergency, and we had to be ready to go to Friday Night Live in 20 minutes!!! Maisey was as excited as a 2yr old can possibly get. It was Perfect weather, and we did it up. Beer, Brats, Dogs, BBQ, and Dilly Bars. We even caved for the glow stick. What a night.
April 24th, 2010 Our 10th Anniversary (part 2)... Marshall and Nancy stayed the weekend and babysat while we went away for a Romantic dinner and overnight in Frederick Maryland. It was the first time both of us have been away from maisey at the same time. I think she and Grandma and Grandpa had lots of fun. Mommy and Daddy had a good time out on the town, with a great dinner followed by sleeping in. -Grandma and Grandpa took Maisey to Eimi's 2nd Birthday Party while we were gone.
April 15th, 2010 Our 10th Anniversary (part 1) and Maisey flies a kite, shaped like an owl, on a windy April day.
April 5th, 2010 Easter morning and Maisey's first Pony tail!
April 2nd, 2010 Maisey and Mommy visit Jill and Mark in Houston, over spring break. They did lots of fun things...
Mar 25th, 2010 Marshall and Nancy visited and we had dinner with Tuttles (Rob, Yuko, & Eimi)!
Mar 5th, 2010 Papa Bundy came to visit. We had a great time with him!
Feb 7th, 2010 We went to Anitas with Marshall and Nancy, before they left to go back home after delivering the snow blower, and that night we had dinner with Jody, and we enjoyed the King Cake that Ashley and Alex sent us!
Feb 6th, 2010 We've had a snow filled week. The Blizzard of 2010, officially put us into the record books with 32 inches.

-got a new (used) snow blower, which was a stroke of luck. Thanks to Marshall and Nancy for getting it and bringing it down from PA in questionable driving conditions.... I've used the heck out of it already.

The storm happened over a friday/saturday period, so I decided it would be a good opportunity to have all the neighbors over for a snow party. Schools have been closed since the friday of the storm, and with our latest snow, it looks like they have the whole week off this week too.

Dec 29th, 2009 We did a horrible job at taking pictures during our trip through Michigan over the holidays. In some cases we left pictureless from some of our visits. (you know who you are) If anyone has some good shots, please forward to us! Here's a few that we did take...
Dec 21st, 2009 Since Jenny had the week leading up to christmas off from school because of the snow, there was time to play outside and do more shoveling. Also some modeling of the new Elmo Jammies...
Dec 19th, 2009 The blizzard of 2009, with Marshall and Nancy snowed in with us...
Nov-Dec, 2009 Sorry for the lag at getting new pictures posted. The last 2 months of 2009 didn't go exactly as desired. Maisey was sick, then Mommy and Daddy were sick. We also had a sick computer, and the panic of holiday shopping and preparation for travel to Michigan over the holiday... -But we're better now, and the holidays are past. I'm going to make an attempt to catch up to a point before Christmas, starting with Thanksgiving... Marshall, Nancy, and Andy came and had Thanksgiving with us.
Oct 31st, 2009 Halloween. Maisey was a kitty cat. Daddy was Scooby-Doo. We had a bunch of friends over, and had a fun night. -Maisey loved trick-or-treating so much she kept us out till 8:30 in the rain going to one more house... "Lets try this one, daddy." I think she thought we were just getting lucky that every house we happened to go to had candy to give us...
Oct 24th, 2009 Marshall & Nancy visited on their way home from Hilton Head. It was the weekend before Halloween, and we enjoyed a nice day around the house, and a visit to Frying Pan Park.
Oct 14th, 2009 We visited "Great Grandma Carr" over Columbus day weekend. It was 80 degrees in Virginia, but we got cold rain, Wind, and Snow at Grandma's.
Sept 6th, 2009 We visited Marshall, Nancy, and Andy over Labor Day weekend. Andy helped me build a new bmx bike with spare parts that he generously donated to me, and we visited Michele and Randy at the farm. -Maisey loved the farm animals as you'll see, and you'll also notice that she's tolerating bows in her hair.
Aug 26st 2009 I've been bad about posting pictures this month. I guess we've been busy with summer fun, and long daylight days. Here's my attempt at catching up with the best of the last month.
Aug 1st 2009 Our week at the beach with the Carr's and friends.
July 19th 2009 Maisey's Piano
July 18th 2009 Our week at the beach with the bundy's
June 26th 2009 We celebrated jody's trial being over, with a bottle of "Clean Slate" wine and a skype call with Ashley/Alex/Dotty. We visited Clemijontre the following day.
June 21st 2009 We didn't take very many pictures over Fathers day weekend, but here's a few. There's a video of Maisey saying "Happy Fathers Day!" that is the best video of the year, but I'm afraid it's too big to post.
June 14th 2009 Maisey had her final soccer day of the season. Mommy and Daddy are happy to have our Saturday mornings back. On Sunday we visited the National Zoo with a group of families. Rob has a friend (Gus) that lives just a few blocks from the zoo, so we were able to park there, and walk over. When he kids had enough of the zoo, we walked back to Gus's and had a huge cook-out consisting of chicken, crabs, sausages, burgers, corn, salads, and deserts...
June 13th 2009 See pictures from Bill's Retirement Party. Coworkers, Family, and Friends enjoyed a beautiful evening with Bill to celebrate his retirement from Fairfax County Public Schools.
June 12th 2009 Maisey had the opportunity to attend Water Day with the pre-schooler's at Drainsville Elementary. Later that evening we attended Friday Night Live concert in downtown herndon. Fun day!
June 7th 2009 Marshall and Nancy visited for the weekend. FNL was rained out, but the rest of the weekend was sunny and warm. Maisey played with the hose, Jody had Zhivan, and we had a sunday afternoon BBQ at Janes with She, Kathy, and Markleys.
May 25th 2009 We flew to Ipswich for a long Memorial Day Weekend, to visit Tim, Maiya, and Cooper. We had a lot of fun, and enjoyed some really nice weather out on their new boat, and on the beach. The kids had just gotten comfortable with each other, when it was time to go home... :(
May 17th 2009 Busy weekend. Daddy and Maisey did Friday Night Live, and on Saturday we did our usual Anita's, then Soccer. After soccer we went straight to Chatterbox Fun Fair to see Mommy working, and enjoy the annual ATS event.
May 12th 2009 Daddy was working in the yard, and Maisey pulled her chair over so she could sit and 'watch'. When she declares that she's going to 'watch', she crosses her arms in front of her to do so. At least she has cloths on this time... :)
May 10th 2009 Mothers day weekend was fun...
May 8th 2009 Maisey turned 22 months old this week. Here's some pictures of her on that day, sitting in Great Grandpas rocking chair reading, followed by a couple pictures from Friday Night Live.
April 26th 2009 Eimi's First Birthday Party was a lot of fun, and it was nice to catch up with Rob, Yuko and a couple of their friends and relatives.
April 25th 2009 Ashley and Alex's moving day finally arrived and they are safely moved and settling in Mandeville. Alex started at Dotty's school and furniture/appliances are arriving... Here's some pictures from the goodbye party.
April 19th 2009 Tim and Maiya visited D.C. over the weekend, so we got a baby sitter and spent the day with them in the city. Marshall and Nancy were the Baby sitter, and we had a nice visit with them too! Maisey attended a birthday party at a Bowling alley, which she enjoyed very much. We won a Care Bear from a skill crane claw game, which was the icing on th cake. (We had icing on cake too.)
April 13th 2009 This was spring break week for Jenny, ending on Easter Sunday. Jill visited us for most of that week, and we had a nice day or two to enjoy outside.
Mar 31st 2009 Ashley settled on her new house on Tuesday! We collected Jody, Ashley & Alex and went out for a spontaneous dinner in Reston Town Center and had a really fun evening. While we were walking back to the car after dinner, I had the opportunity to snap some fun shots of Maisey and Alex.
Mar 28th 2009 On Friday, we played at the playground with Alex and Ashley, before having dinner at Ice House. We spent our Saturday evening with Rob, Yuko, and Eimi.
Mar 18th 2009 We took some pictures on St. Patrick's day, while playing outside...
Mar 9th 2009 Our neighbors across the street gave us their gently used playset, which had been outgrown by their kids and grandkids. For a year, I've been trying to figure out how to make a flat spot for it in our back yard... Marhall and Nancy were here and Marshall helped me take it apart and move it. Since we don't have a good location, Jody generously allowed us to put it in her back yard, which has the added benefit of being away from jackie poop :) Here's pictures of it, after the move.
Mar 1st 2009 There's 3 categories of picutres in this post:
   1) Maisey loves to read her dog book, Marley and Me, which she'll tell you is about Hudson.
   2) She's a big fan of wearing beads, ever since Marti Gras.
   3) We finally got an acceptable snow storm this winter!
Feb 26th 2009 Just a couple pictures of Maisey and Mommy as Maisey gets ready in the morning, and gets ready for a bath at night.
Feb 24th 2009 Fat Tuesday! Jody popped over tonight with King Cake and beads. Maisey loved both! We finally got new mobile phones over the weekend, so there's a few of the test pictures we took with the phones.
Feb 14th 2009 Valentines Day
Feb 8th 2009 We visited PA, on a whirl-wind trip and were able to see Andy and Ro, The Bartels including the newest addition to their family, and my friend Dayne who recently moved to Exton.
Jan 17th 2009 Here's some pictures from the days that Jenny was away. Maisey and Daddy had a fun time over the 6 days that we were on our own. Luckily, mommy made it back in time to get the snow days and delays from our recent storm. Maisey loves playing outside in the snow. Be sure to catch the pictures of her in her snow gear...
Jan 17th 2009 Here's some pictures from the weekend before the Inauguration. Daddy put Maisey's new Kitchen together, and the Tuttles visited for dinner.
Jan 4th 2009 Tricia (and therefore Jody) have a new Boston Terrier Puppy named "Pepper". We've spent some time visiting and Maisey loves saying "Hi Pep", while patting her on the head. Marshall and Nancy visited, with Anita and Judy for a quick overnight. We had a great time.

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